payload Package

payload Package

test Module

class payload.test.Database(db_session, db_migrate, sql_connection, sqlite_db, sqlite_clean_db)

Bases: fixtures.fixture.Fixture

class payload.test.Redis

Bases: fixtures.fixture.Fixture

class payload.test.TestCase(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: testtools.testcase.TestCase

Test case base class for all unit tests.


Override some configuration values.

The keyword arguments are the names of configuration options to override and their values.

If a group argument is supplied, the overrides are applied to the specified configuration option group.

All overrides are automatically cleared at the end of the current test by the fixtures cleanup process.


Get the absolute path to a file. Used for testing the API.

Parameters:project_file – File whose path to return. Default: None.
Returns:path to the specified file, or path to project root.

Run before each method to initialize test environment.

version Module